Pictures and Impressions

  • “I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the beautiful work you do. Being with you opened my heart to the world of the wild herbs. Word full of kindness, deep meaning and well-being gush out of me and I’m so thankful that i Know you. You’ve helped me to open so many new doors, just because you do what you do! Thank you for your devotion and power of trust! I wish you lots of support on your path and look forward to see you again. All the best!” C.
  • “I was impressed with your loving care for us and the plants – here a delicious herbal buffet, there a wonderful wild flower bouquet and a herb sachets for our senses … all very lovingly and beautifully arranged. Thank you very much for your cheerfulness.” R.
  • I’v got new (old) confidence in nature. How magical – that was just what I was looking for. That I have gotten such a positive result has much to do with you and your loving and respectful way. Thanks again from the bottom of my hear ..!” B.
  • I loved your herbal training, it was so much fund and I gained so much knowledge and I looked forward to every weekend seminar. I was impressed by your competent and very good guest teachers. It was a wonderful and exciting year! I now see the wild greens, the “so called weeds” and the trees through different eyes. Your lovely and smiling face has helped me to change my world. Thanks a lot.” I.
  • Last weekend was awesome again, just great. It’s fun to be with so many green witches – I’ll might be able to fly soon!” E.