About me

Brigitte Addington

(born 1959)

Brigitte Addingtonis the founder and owner of the
Worldwide Communication Center for Herbalists

She is a nurse (RN), author, practicing herbalist, international free-lance seminar leader and educator.
Organizer of the annual Medicinal and Wild herbs Congress in Nuernberg / Germany.
Thuringian honorary Olitaeten Majesty 2006/07.

I am fascinated by the boundless diversity of Mother Nature. The more I learn about plants, every new chapter of Mother Nature’s endless book, the more I continue to be impressed by the stories that emerge.

This starts with the incredible nourishment that we have at our door steps and continues to the powerful capacity to heal our ailments.

These plants are all around me serving as my very own green wise consultants, bringing love, joy, trust and a deep satisfaction to my life every day.

Tiny Glechoma hederacea is one of my favorite plants.

It’s a fence climber and can be found at the junction between cultivated gardens and wild nature. It’s also called Ground ivy and it’s an old Germanic medicinal and magic plant. With its violet flowers it can lead you to the “other, non-ordinary reality”. It enables you to feel the vastness of your own possibilities.

Many thanks to all who support me!