Herbal Inspirations

A Hearty welcome to Brigitte Addington’s Worldwide Communication Center for Herbalists in Germany/Bavaria

Wild Greens for Body, Mind and Spirit

Immerse yourself in the fascinating healing gardens of herbs and trees.
Learn about their medicinal purposes,
create your own home remedies and cosmetics,
enjoy their use in the kitchen
and get inspired by the secret plant spirit of the Green World.

Almost all the seminars listed on the website can be held in either German or English.
Please feel free to request further information!

Wild Plants and the nobility of stonesWild Plants And The Nobility Of The Stones
by Brigitte Addington and Waltraud Brix.

A book for herb and crystal lovers.

Inspirations and gifts from Mother Earth, deeply rooted in old traditions and wisdom. Get in contact with body, mind and spirit – health, happiness, joy and love. Immerse yourself in the worlds of wonders

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